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The PrOp Innovative Thinking System

A Complete Solution To Foster An Innovative Culture


Why Implement PrOp?

Innovative Thinking Is Everyone's Job

Everyone, in every job, faces problems and opportunities. 




50% think they are not creative

80% too busy to be creative

98% not trained in innovative thinking

Culture inhibits innovative thinking

  Our Solution



Implement PrOp

Let Us Help

Our PrOp Implementers will work with you to create a culture that encourages everyone to generate the best creative solutions to problems and opportunities.  Online and On-Site Workshops & Coaching.

Do It Yourself

Our online courses train you how to Foster An Innovative Culture, learn the powerful PrOp Idea Generation Method, and how to facilitate PrOp Idea Generation Sessions.

Let’s get started.  Contact us to see how we can help.

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